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Going (reading) to the dogs

I was reading today about READ (Reading Education Assistance Dogs), a reading program for children in America where the children read aloud to specially trained dogs but there are similar programs here in Australia (I know I blogged about a South Australian one somewhere but can’t find the blog post now).

On the READ website you can see pictures of the dogs and children reading together, they are very cute (click on the small Next link underneath each picture).

Apparently dogs are a great audience and assist children with reading difficulties to become more confident and then more competent at reading as the dogs are uncritical and don’t stop to correct pronunciation every other word. The dogs in the pictures seem to be enjoying being read to, don’t they?

The little girl in the picture above looks like she’s reading a book called Mutt Dog by Stephen Michael King which I remember reading to Ishbel when she was little. It’s about a dog that is found wild on the streets and adopted by a nice family. Ishbel loved the page that showed him just after his first bath and the page where they considered what name to give him. I had to read and re-read those pages. I’m sure our Bella and Josie would enjoy it too.

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