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Book Depository comes up trumps!

In a previous post I told you about an online book shop I’d been put onto called the Book Depository. I put an order in for 4 books and made a saving of up to $100 compared with prices in Australian online book shops.

I thought I’d just follow up and tell you that 3 of the 4 books have arrived safe and sound and in about 10 days since my order went in. The other book I knew wouldn’t be available for 130 days (I could have got it sooner, but it would have cost more).

I couldn’t be happier (with the service and the money saved) and recommend it highly. My intention is to work through the reading lists for Book Thieves and my other book group and buy $50 worth or so each month . . . and a growing list of other titles I’d like on my shelves.

Just thought I’d share that.



One thought on “Book Depository comes up trumps!

  1. Thanks Heidi
    I will be following suit . I wonder if I can get some discount extra time as I will need it for reading time

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