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A night at the movies

Those of you who were unable to come to the pictures last night missed an enjoyable night out. The movie we watched, Old Dogs with Johyn Travolta (soooo sexy) and Robin Williams (adorable) was awful slapstick but very funny in parts – Mary found herself laughting even when she didn’t want to. One the kids would really enjoy. We then strolled over the road to the Indian restaurant and had a lovely meal. Those of us who were there – Margaret, Mary, Heidi, Heather and Heather’s Mum Eileen –  agreed we should do excursions more often. Mary has offered to lead a trip to Cabramatta – we’ll discuss it at the next meeting, which to remind you is on Friday 5th February at Heather’s house.

Also good yesterday was finally getting access to our old Blogger blog – shut out since 9th November at least. I’ve transferred all our old posts into this one (so easy to do, WordPress is just sooooo great!) and I have been able to update our Reading Lists – yay! I’ll just make sure all the old blog and weblinks are in this blog then I might as well delete the old one for good.



3 thoughts on “A night at the movies

  1. Please don’t shoot me down in flames but I will be back in NSW on the 20 Jan and Mamma Mia still has a few tickets. I believe it only has a few weeks left….. would anyone like to go???

  2. I went again yesterday with Ishbel. As I thought, she thoroughly enjoyed it as she does all slap-stick. I also laughed again although perhaps not as heartily – perhaps the absence of the professional Laughers behind us might have muted my mirth?


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