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Costa Book Awards 2009

The winners of the Costa Book Awards 2009 Novel, First Novel, Biography, Poetry and Children’s Book categories were announced in the UK overnight.

 The Costa Novel Award was won by Colm Tóibin for Brooklyn.

The judges said : “Poised, quiet and incrementally shattering – we all loved this book and can’t praise it highly enough.”

The Costa First Novel Award goes to Raphael Selbourne for Beauty.

The judges said :  “Pitch perfect on every level – we loved this book.”



The Costa Biography Award was won by Graham Farmelo for The Strangest Man: The Hidden Life of Paul Dirac, Quantum Genius.

The judges said : “The extraordinary mind and achievements of Britain’s Einstein are rendered here in the most compelling biography of the year.”



The Costa Poetry Award went to Christopher Reid for A Scattering (on order at BM Library at present), a tribute to his wife following her death in 2005.

The judges said : “Intensely moving, compelling and honest – this is a highly readable collection of wonderful poems.”


The Costa Children’s Book Award was won by Patrick Ness for The Ask and the Answer (Book Two of the Chaos Walking trilogy – also on order at time of posting).

The judges said : “From the first word, we were gripped by this dazzlingly-imagined, morally complex, compulsively-plotted tale. We are convinced that this is a major achievement in the making.”

Follow the links from the judges comments for more information on each winner.

Follow this link for the Costa Awards Shortlisted books.

The Costa Book of the Year will be announced on 26th January 2010.


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