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Who’s made a motza outta books in the naugties?

JK Rowling! She’s WAY out in front of the pack. Old JK has sold more than double the number of books of her nearest rival, Roger Hargreaves (The Mr Men author) and made almost 8 1/2 times more money than him. Here are the top ten authors by books sold and with the GB Pound value of those sales :

Top 10 Author Books Sold (Value)
1 JK Rowling 29,084,999 (£225.9m)
2 Roger Hargreaves 14,163,141 (£26.6m)
3 Dan Brown 13,372,007 (£74.1m)
4 Jacqueline Wilson 12,673,148 (£69.9m)
5 Terry Pratchett 10,455,397 (£77.2m)
6 John Grisham 9,862,998 (£65.9m)
7 Richard Parsons 9,561,776 (£49.2m)
8 Danielle Steel 9,119,149 (£51m)
9 James Patterson 8,172,647 (£53.8m)
10 Enid Blyton 7,910,758 (£31.2m)

See here for the full Guardian article with the Top 100 authors. Note that children’s authors are thick in the top 20 or so – anyone got a good kids book in them?


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