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Weird Books Room

Here’s something fun from Daniel Finkelstein of The Times.

Second hand books website, Abe Books has started a Weird Books Room, ‘a celebration of everything that’s bizarre, odd and downright weird in books.’ Each week they pick a ‘Weird Book of the Week’ and there is an archive of ‘Weird and Wonderful’ books. You can submit your own suggestions for the Weird Book Room.

This week’s Weird Book of the Week is What’s Wrong With My Snake? A User-Friendly Home Medical Reference Manual by John & Roxanne Rossi (not in the BMCC Library catalogue) : “Is your snake suffering from improper shedding, constipation, weight loss, or tremmors? Perhaps he has become mouse shy and you don’t know what to do”.

Visit the Weird Books Room and then go to The Times and read Daniel Finkelstein’s 10 strangest books in the English language

I’ve tried adding this to my RSS feed but it won’t do it, I must have more! Now I’m off to put in a WHOLE LOAD of buying suggestions!


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