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English Lesson

This was played on the radio the other morning :


2 thoughts on “English Lesson

  1. I loved this not just because David Tennant is gorgeous.
    This maketh me want to brush up on Shakespeare. I would love to be able to rattle off some at the boys when they are annoying, oh and that light saber thingy could come in handy. I could do awayeth lazy staff, aggressive visitors, dying swans, princesses, screaming babies, piles of washing, ironing and all those chores that are always on the ‘one dayeth pile’. Alas with great heaviness of heart I shall goeth forth to do battle with thy fiendish iron. Fair thee well

  2. It doth gladden my heart to have been of service to thee and to be able to furnish thee with some small piece of inspiration. Fare thee well in thy quest to memorise the Bard.

    Of course, ye’ll hae mair fun if ye learn a bitty Rabbie Burns – they’ll hae nae clue whit yer aboot!

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