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Woman ostracised after finishing reading group book

Trish Clear was today coming to terms with the fact that her friends aren’t speaking to her after she read the book set by her best friend Catherine Humphries for their monthly reading group meeting.
‘I started to discuss the plot and characterisation and the atmosphere soured as if I’d committed a war crime,’ said Trish. ‘Then Heather just started shrieking: ‘You’re not supposed to read the bloody thing, Trish, the idea is we all get together with a few bottles of Mary’s Cloudy Bay and we slag off anyone who isn’t here.’ I didn’t know where to look. Nobody else had read it.
‘I felt so low I went home and sat in the kitchen till Gabrielle came home from work, so we could talk about Ulysses, a book she’s always going on about and which I’d just finished. She just laughed and said she’d never got beyond the first 100 pages, but it made an excellent doorstop. Well, I guess it looks like turkey twizzlers when Vic and Margaret come round for my gourmet evening Sharon promised them.’

Adapted from a NewsBiscuit story.


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