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October Meeting

'CoverCover of The White Tiger: A Novel

Present : Vic, David, Mary, Heather, Gabrielle, Margaret, Heidi

Apologies : Trish, Sharon, Katie, Catherine

Business :

  1. Welcome to our newest member, David. Hope you enjoyed your first meeting.
  2. Trip to Wisemans Ferry ~ See previous post for details of cost of accommodation in the Wiseman’s Inn Hotel. We thought we could have two groups going to WF – those who want to stay overnight and those who just want to go up for the day. Talking to Catherine this morning, Saturday the 7th November is best for her with her night shifts. There is a poll at the top of the blog so you can nominate which date would be best for our adventure. I can’t do one for who is staying/who is coming up for the day only so can you Email Heidi/ring ASAP with that so we can arrange to book rooms, car pooling, etc. If you have any preferences about the accommodation let me know too.
  3. Reading suggestions for next year. We thought we could start adding our reading suggestions for next year to allow folk to ask for specific titles for Christmas presents and so we can check availability well in advance. I’ve added a Reading Suggestions for 2010 thingy on the sidebar under the 2009 list. To add your suggestion just click on the crossed spanner/screwdriver thing and add it in. Or Email Heidi/ring.

Book Review : We had a great discussion on The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga. The discussion was lively, ranged over all sorts of topics and was informed by personal experiences of India and Indians. The final score was 3.4 out of 5.


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