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BookGlutton enables people to share their thoughts on a piece of writing as they go – like being in a book group but having the discussion whenever it suits you, not having to wait until the next meeting.

“We believe firmly that people want to read, annotate and discuss, right there, immersed in the text. That’s the best time to talk about a book. We also respect the solitary side to reading: people should have the chance to tune out the community. We wanted it to be attractive, too; to be an experience”.

In brief, you upload the book to your computer and use the chat box on the left and a text mark and comment box on the right. You can join an existing book group and comment on their current reading, or create your own one.

This video explains :

BookGlutton is built for use on a laptop (so you can take it with you), though there are plans to expand it to phones and other devices.


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