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What not to do with a library book

Some of you might be astonished, stunned, flabbergasted, astounded, gob-smacked, speechless, amazed, dumbfounded, incredulous or just plain dismayed by what some people do with their library books. Some may not be astonished, stunned, flabbergasted, etc. that someone has felt the need to make a poster like this one :

The need for most of those instructions beggars belief. I’m pleased to be able to report that the injunction not to “Fight bears with this book” is one that we will be able to leave off the Blue Mountains City Library version of this poster!

2 thoughts on “What not to do with a library book

  1. I love the one DON'T TAUNT THIS BOOK. I must say there have been times when I have cursed, looked disgusted at, muttered angrily, groaned with disappointment and other times I have gripped a book so tight I was hardly able to put it down. I think that little picture could be me with any of these feelings. The last one could be me saying GO ahead finish, I don't care, leave me in suspense, I have spent night after night with you now you think you can finish with a one liner and leave me high and dry!Catherine

  2. Makes for a change from children's scribbles and edited words. The books I'm returning have inked numbers across the top of two pages and pages either loose or falling out. I guess the book return doesn't help. Wondered if was worth saying to the other book club members that they can make a list of words they either don't understand or wonder how to pronounce? Was having a grin myself at some of the pronunciations which I never thought of before as I was so used to them. Remember Kirkcudbright, I read a novel where people went searching for Kirkoobry! Makes you think! See you when I get back – the 5th September, in time for the book club. Margaret

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