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Meeting – 7th August 2009

Attendees : Margaret, Vic, Robyn, Trish, Heidi, Mary, Sharon

Apologies : Catherine, Gabrielle, Katie

Business :

  1. Welcome to Robyn, our newest member.
  2. I was advised during the week that Margaret’s initial choice, Hot News by Elisabeth McNeil, is out of print. Margaret has chosen Ian Rankin‘s Fleshmarket Close for our September read.
  3. Catherine is hosting the September meeting but will be away for the first Friday and requested a change of date which was agreed to. The September meeting will be on Friday 11th September.
  4. We need to sort out our planned weekend at the Hawkesbury and get going in booking, etc. I will find out about cost of boat hire and whether and how much of a deposit is needed. I’ll then post details of that here. If people could make their decision about whether they will come or not soon, then we can work out the cost per person and get payment/deposits paid ASAP.

Discussion : Kieron Smith, Boy was a bit of a struggle for most of us and no one had finished the book so we deferred scoring it until next month. We agreed the language was not easy, even for the Scots in the group, but that Kieron was a charming, resilient wee chap who was miserable and hilarious.

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One thought on “Meeting – 7th August 2009

  1. Hey allSorry I missed the meeting. I am reading Hot News at the moment, and am about half way through it. I borrowed a copy from the library. It is agreat little book and would have been a good choice to review!!Just thought i would plug the local library!!!!Gabrielle

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