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July Meeting

Present : Mary, Vic, Sharon, Heather, Gabrielle, Margaret, Heidi, Trish

Apologies : Catherine, Katie

Business :

  1. Vic asked about inviting another member, David, local businessman. It was agreed that another member would be welcome. Mary also to invite Robyn as discussed a couple of meetings ago.
  2. Only 3 people gave a score for Mao’s Last Dancer. We agreed that votes can be forwarded prior to the next meeting for inclusion in the final score by those still reading the book.

Discussion : True-to-form-and not-to-disapoint-us Trish had not read Mao’s Last Dancer despite having completed her PhD thesis a week ago but did a bit of research into Li Cunxin and kicked off the discussion nicely. Those who had managed to finish the book had enjoyed it, finding the social and political aspects interesting. The score on the night was 3.


One thought on “July Meeting

  1. Just like to say I enjoyed this book and didn't want to hear anything about it until I had finished it. I would probably give it 3.5The Chinese culture,Li Cunxin's drive to succceed and the communist suppression of human rights was just so foreign to me I found this book hard to put down. What also shocked me was that his defection happen when I was in Scotland and my life went on happily and I had no idea that someone my age was trying to fight for basic rights.Does anyone remember hearing about this on the news? I do have a real problem with these true stories as I now feel I need to read about communism and Chairman Mao! Heidi will make me well read yet!

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