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Novel way to promote a library

Four literary-themed trucks are part of a new ad campaign for the Johnson County Library in the US. The libary hopes the trucks will spark interest and bring more readers to their doors. The trucks were the idea of a local business, Barkley Advertising Agency, which offered it’s services free of charge and the library spent @ $5,000 on the decals that go on the trucks.

Company vice-president, Tom Demetriou, wanted to remind people of the sanctuary found at libraries, where the community is intrinsically bound by stories. “It’s a quiet place, where you can have your thoughts to yourself,” Demetriou said. “That is hard to find these days.” The faux advertisement of the fictitious businesses may take a few seconds to get, but then they provide a good laugh, said Riley. “It shows the public the library has a sense of humor.”

Read the full story here and find out What’s with the trucks?

What a great idea . . . how we could transform the library’s courier van . . . and for less than US$5000 don’t you think?


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