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Meeting June 2009

Attendees : Ian, Hugh, Francoise, Sharon, Margaret, Catherine, Michelle, Dan, Vic, Katie, Heather, Mark, Mary, Heidi

Business :

  • Mary had looked in to accommodation at Wiseman’s Ferry for November when we read The Secret River by Kate Grenville. To stay in the hotel is a little more than $100 per night (sorry, I’ve lost the notes I made on Friday night).
  • Meanwhile, Catherine had also been doing a bit of research. She found an ad for Hawkesbury Houseboats – they have a weekend charge that goes from 4pm Fridays to 4pm Sundays. Some of the rates:
  • 6 berth $1130
  • Super 6 & 8 berth $1390
  • 10 berth $1780
  • There was also a question as to whether there is an additional per klm travelled charge.
  • Our final choice and costs will depend on how many of us are able to come and what size boat we hire.
  • We’ll discuss further at the next meeting.
  • Thank you for coming to the meeting and raising money for the MS Society. I’m personally very grateful that you took my ‘highwayman’ approach in such good humour and shelled out more than you’d bargained for. We raised a total of $151.45 (someone must’ve cheated on a 50c fine!) but as we’ve had to deduct $77 to repay Catherine for the wine prizes $74.45 will be going to the MS Society. Next year, if you are willing to repeat the experience, maybe we can do without prizes, or donate them. I’ll be sending on the money after I’ve repeated the quiz with my other book group on 21st June.
  • Thank you to Sharon for leading the discussion on Shaun Tan’s The Arrival so authoritatively. It was a big ask to do that in front of lots of non-SBT guests, it’s a testament to your skill and to the book’s readability that they also joined in after a quick peruse of the book.
  • The score was 4.2 – there were several 5/5s in there – the first book we’ve read that has scored any 5s.

3 thoughts on “Meeting June 2009

  1. After yesterdays meeting with my other book group I have been online and donated $165 to the MS Society. Thank you all again.Heidi

  2. Heidi – I just want to say thanks for the amazing job you do with this blog (even though I still don't really understand how it all works properly!). Vic.

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