Download audio books for free


Some Australian libraries subscribe to Overdrive which allows them to lend audiobooks online. We would love to have it at BMCC Libraries but . . .

One library which offers Overdrive is Yarra Plenty. I joined their library ONLINE – didn’t have to be a local, didn’t have to show ID, just filled out the online form and they sent me a lovely card with my borrower number and PIN.

The books can be downloaded to your PC and then transferred to an MP3 player or ipod, or burned on to a CD. You have the book on a 3 week loan then it goes back to the library – not sure at this stage what happens to copies you’ve transferred to CD, it may be encoded to disappear so make sure you use RW CDs – I’ll be able to tell you after June 17th.

You need to download the Overdrive software (free) – there’s an online tutorial to walk you through it – I did find I needed to watch it. I still need to go back and look at what you do to return a book before the due date.

Here’s the Join online link and this is the Overdrive page where you can browse through the books available.

The first book I have downloaded and listened to is Jane Austen : a biography by Elizabeth Jenkins – the narrator is annoying but it’s interesting stuff.


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