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Throw the book

No I’m not advocating abusing reading materials, I’m urging you to help a charity and have some fun at the same time.

Throw the Book @ MS is a book trivia game that will be held all over Australia in June to raise money for MS Research Australia who fund research aimed at finding a cure or developing better treatments for MS. In its third year now, this is a chance for book groups to fundraise while having a bit of extra fun.

Book groups just need to register and then turn their June meeting into a trivia night. How about us giving this a go – if it goes well we could turn it into an annual event?

The Throw the Book people will do all the work and send us the questions which are all related to books, authors, fact and fiction. During our normal June meeting we can have a bit of extra fun with the questions and pass the hat around afterwards or perhaps the meeting can be opened up to friends and partners to raise more? I’d be happy to host it at our house.

I have to declare a special interest in this charity. My cousin, Ian, who is just 9 months older than me and whom I fancied like mad when I was very little, has MS. He is now confined to a wheelchair with very limited use of his hands even. My sister, Fiona, reports a deterioration every time she sees him. I doubt he has many years left before this cruel disease kills him. I also had a friend at school, Susan, whose mother was an MS sufferer. Their family story is a very sad one.
To find out more and get involved visit Throw the Book, email or call Jo on 02 9360 4128.

Thank you to the people at goodreading magazine for alerting me.

One thought on “Throw the book

  1. I’m game if you want to do it. Also have conquered the problem of recording DVD on the timer, by a fluke not by my wisdom, ha ha. Margaret

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