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April Meeting

Present: Vic, John, Sharon, Heidi, Katie, Margaret, Trish, Catherine, Heather and Mary

Apologies: Gabrielle and ?Mel


  1. Mary asked the group if she could introduce a new member to the group, her friend Robyn. The group agreed so Mary will invite Robyn to the next meeting in May.
  2. A few members have problems with the 1st of May date for the next meeting so it was agreed that we will meet a week later on Friday 8th May. We also confirmed our start time is 7:30pm.
  3. We had a discussion about going to Wiseman’s Ferry either for the day or overnight for the meeting when we discuss The Secret River by Kate Grenville. We decided that if we do go away it might be better to do so in early November rather than December when everyone is so busy as Christmas approaches so we have decided to swap the December and November books around. Mary is going to investigate the need to book a table for a meal for November and the cost of accommodation so we can decide about staying overnight or not.

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