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Request and review

Dear Thieves,

Has anyone finished The Good Mayor? He is not in my budget this month and Penrith and Springwood libraries have him out and about.

I have just finished Maalika by Valerie Browning. Published 2008.

Valerie is an Australian nurse who lives and works in poverty in Africa. She is married to an Afar and has two children. They are trying to educate (reading and writing) and provide very basic medical care for the nomadic Afar people. All this amidst war, poverty,apathy, governmental greed, aid organisational mis management and cholera.

As I read this book my boys asked for money for music, sport, a lost calculator, a lost science book, movie and socialising, birthday gift and party and after soccer sausage sandwich/drink. All this was in stark contrast to the little boy who asked Valerie for an exercise book while another asked for a pencil. I would like to suggest that we share our love of reading by collecting our monthly money and instead of feeding our well fed stomachs send our reading funds to Valerie to educate the Afar children.



One thought on “Request and review

  1. Catherine I’m halfway through Good Mayor and has only taken a week – even though it’s long it’s easy to read quickly. If I finish by the weekend you’re very welcome to it! Will let you know..Katie

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