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March Meeting

Present: Heather, Trish, Vic, Heidi, Catherine, Mary, Katie and Margaret.

Apologies: Gabrielle, Mel and Sharon.


  1. Remember the order of the books was changed slightly and the next book will be the Good Mayor by Andrew Nicoll with the discussion to be led by Vic. Vic has also agreed to host us. For the sake of privacy, would you email me or phone me and I’ll let you know the address.
  2. We forgot again about collecting money – should we just forget it?

Thank you to Heather for hosting us this time. No flashing Jesus and Mary, but we did have the offer of peeking in to her diaries of 30 years ago . . . should’ve taken her up on that.

Heather told us that she’d been given The Stone Diaries by her father many years ago because he knew she’d been a diary keeper. While not really a diary, this book is an account of one person’s life from birth to death, a flawed, possibly inaccurate account of what seemed to be a life with its fair share of disappointment. The ending was especially poingnant with its long list of things Daisy had never done. We discussed the nature of memory – it seems memories are very subjective and no two people are likely to remember the save events exactly the same.

For some, the writing was perhaps too florid and went off on annoying tangents but on the whole it was regarded as quite and enjoyable read and the score for this book was 3.

Do you see all the covers in the picture (I think some of you had copies with yet another cover that isn’t shown here)? How differently would you approach some of those covers, all for the same story?

Almost forgot – Trish has chosen her book – Mao’s Last Dancer by Li Cunxin – that’ll be our July read.


One thought on “March Meeting

  1. Dear Thieves, I have read, but not completely, the Diaries. I thought she had had a good bit of fortune. She urvived when everyone was busy looking (stunned) at her mother’s death. The next door neighbour took her and cared for her totally teaching her lots of things that stood her in good stead through her life. So her children didn’t understand her!!!!! How many do? She got rid of a lousy husband, her mother-in-law was one of those doting mothers, heaven help us from them. Dull her life may have been but that would have been caused by her attitude to it. When I came to her death throes I’m afraid I gave up and have now added it to the list of books that I have never finished, it is a short list as I’m stubborn. I’m glad I’ve read it – it had several well drawn characters but I didn’t feel that the story developed as it could. Thank you Catherine for loaning it to me, I really appreciated the opportunity to read it, especially after hearing all the comments. Margaret

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