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2nd Hand news

I took our book lists in to both Brown Books and The Turning Page yesterday.

At Brown Books I picked up a little leaflet on 2nd hand and antiquarian book shops in the Blue Mountains – I’ve added them in the sidebar under Good Bookshops.

The leaflet had a few quotes that I liked:

  • As my initiation into the world of literature, my mother took me, a slip of a lad, to a second-hand bookshop to make my first purchase. I threw a tantrum when the bookseller refused to sell me the book I wanted, the one at the bottom of the pile holding up his three-legged desk. “Don’t be silly,” Mother said, “choose another.” Unseeing, my eyes filled with tears of rage, I pointed at random with my little pink finger. Thus it was I started my library with Teach Yourself Swahili.
  • My husband and I buy second-hand books with numbers in the title, the aim being to get from 1 to 100. So far we have thirty. (A project for you I think, Catherine!)
  • My husband’s taste in reading is very stunted. I feel for him sometimes. He reads books on wood turning. I don’t know how he survives.

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