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February Meeting

Present : Catherine, Heather, Mary, Sharon, Katie, Heidi, Vic, Trish, Mel and Gabrielle.

Apologies : Margaret.

Business :

  1. Mel attended her first Book Thieves meeting. Welcome Mel, we look forward to many years of sharing reading with you.
  2. The reading list for the coming year was arranged (see sidebar). Trish and Mel just need to make their choices and either add them to the lists themselves or let Heidi know and she’ll add them. I have checked the BMCC Library catalogue and all the books on the list are held by the library (except Angel Game but that is not due to be published until mid-year). I will take a copy of the list to Brown Books and The Turning Page so they are aware of our selections.
  3. The group decided to stay with the first Friday of the month for all meetings. A poll may be used to guage the group’s reaction should someone have good cause to request the meeting be held on another date.
  4. Just a reminder that when you are looking for a copy of Peter Pan that you ensure the book is not abridged or an adaptation of the story by someone else; you want to ensure it’s J. M. Barrie’s version of the book you read.
  5. We had discussed last meeting about making a contribution of $5 per meeting each to go towards a group outing or whatever. We forgot to do this last night. Would someone like to take care of the money (not me, I do that already for my other book group and don’t want the responsibility of two lots of money)?

Discussion :

The Shadow of the Wind was enjoyed on the whole by the group – comments included that some of the writing seemed a bit cliched, that the author seemed to be pushing the envelope in terms of what he expected his readers to run with, “cheesy” and needing a good editor.

As before, Catherine out did herself in arranging suitable decor and ambience (the psychedelic Mary and Jesus were a big hit) and we might have to discuss banning her from hosting meetings if she continues to shame us in this manner!

The book scored a respectable 3.5.


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