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Adopt this

Catherine wrote this as a comment on the Are we doing it right? post but, reading it again, I think it deserves to be a post by itself. I love the sentiments expressed here. I think it should become our mantra!

Regarding FOAGBL article:
F is for fun and life is to short without it (SBT has this)
O there are two in bOOk and no One way of discussing something that we have all got something different from. It is also the noise that comes from those of us who begin to understand part of a book because of someone else’s interpretation. O is also for Other Opinions and how can you discuss a book if you are not able to express your ideas and feelings re the book.
A is for accepting that not all the books are going to be lovingly stored in my favorites to be read over again. A is for Authors that we may never have read if not for being Adventurous and joining SBT. A is for Attitude towards and Awareness of fellow SBTs and their right to their opinions. A is for Another book to get my teeth into (this could be a link toThe Historian ).

G is for Get over yourselves! I think I could Gladly Grab some of those Grizzling , Groaning, Grumpy, Griping Grannies and suggest they Go forth and Gather like-minded Groupies and have another Go.

B is for Books, Blue mountains, Best, Bold, Bloody awful, Boring, Beautiful, Broardening our horizons and Borscht.

L is for Last but not Least, Love, Lust, Laughter, Longing (either for the end or for another book), Literature, Leisure and Lovely Ladies Love Learning. SBT has a unique relaxed style of its own and our group is maturing and finding its feet (or should that be pages?) We are real women with real lives that we juggle to find that special time for ourselves and our books. Sometimes a skipped meeting just makes us long more for the next. And payment means I have bought the book and not borrowed it.


PS English and grammar will be awful — tough


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