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Dates for 2009

Happy New Year everyone.

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and received some great new books!!! I did and I don’t know which one to start with!!!

I am just wondering about the dates for this coming year and whether we are continuing with the first Friday of the month or whether that will be changing?

Hope everyone is well



One thought on “Dates for 2009

  1. Happy New Year and Australia day. Great xmas, if anyone knows how to play mahjong Santa left me the game and I’d love some help mastering it.I also have a new pile of books but I bought them from a book store in Hoppers Crossing Melbourne called Dirt Cheap books nothing is over $5.00 brand new books,tapes and calendars. Gabrielle as you can see I would prefer the 2nd Friday because I’ll have to run off to work on the 6th and I kind of like the Friday 13th I could dress in black and hide in the shadows waiting to grab your books or play the piano very badly as you arrive.Catherine

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