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Meeting Friday 7th November

Present : Heather, Sharon, Babs, Heidi, Catherine, Trish, Katie

Apologies : Mary, Margaret, Gabrielle

Business :

1. Gabrielle’s friend, Mel, is keen to join Book Thieves. Sharon and Catherine are still to invite their prospective new members.

2. We decided the next ‘meeting’ would be a day out at Leura for brunch and a visit to Megalong Books and the other great shops. The date will be Saturday 6th December. Please RSVP to Heidi : by Friday 28 November.

3. Heather informed us that she’d been speaking with Kristine Brown of Brown’s Books (2nd hand bookshop) in Springwood about sourcing reading materials. Usually Kristine does not buy in too many copies of a title but, if we supply our reading list for 2009, she is willing to get copies for Book Thieves to buy from her. It was agreed that we would give her the reading list when we’ve made our choices.

4. To that end can we start adding our book choices for next year. I’ve created a new list for 2009 and the 2008 list is down at the foot of the blog with the 2007 list. I’ll email instructions on how to add your choices.

5. Heidi mentioned that at her other book group $5 is collected from each member present (if you don’t go to a meeting you don’t pay) to go towards a meal/outing at the end of the year. It was proposed that Book Thieves do the same, starting in the New Year. Perhaps more discussion is needed regarding the amount?

6. It was proposed that we add a Good Bookshops list to the blog. Anyone can add the name of good book shops they know and love.

7. Scoring guidelines. Heidi reported that she’d seen a guide to scoring using a 5 point system on Shelfari, a book recording site. Will put it in the sidebar for future reference. Perhaps we need to modify it a bit?

Discussion : We were fairly unanimous in having enjoyed The Empire of the Sun by J. G. Ballard. We agreed Jamie/Jim was an extraordinarily resourceful boy with an understanding of human nature beyond his years. Some of us got a little bit lost once the camp inmates started to wander off out of the camp. Characters were well-drawn and the pace gripping. We ended up giving it score of 3.8 out of 5.

Here are a few reviews I’ve stumbled across:
Review by Bookbag
Review in the Guardian books blog
Brothers Judd Top 100 of the 20th Century

We also watched the film starring Christian Bale as Jim and John Malkovich as Bosie. We thoroughly enjoyed it although we were puzzled by the scriptwriter’s/director’s need to change some of the character’s names.


One thought on “Meeting Friday 7th November

  1. Heidi, You put a lot of effort into maintaining both the Book Theives group and blog. Maybe our nexting outing could be on me?

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