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Meeting Friday 3rd October

Present : Sharon, Gabrielle, Katie, Heather, Catherine, Heidi

Business : Gabrielle, Catherine and Sharon are each to invite a friend to be a new member.

Our next meeting will be (pending confirmation that she is not otherwise engaged) at Heather’s house.

We thought the meeting after that might involve an excursion of some sort, suggestions included:
* Christmas shopping (Borders at Parra, or Penrith) and dinner afterwards
* Dinner – Glenbrook, Leura, Katoomba

Think about it and bring your suggestions to the November meeting.

Discussion : A good discussion of the nature of the love of the title of this month’s book. Enduring Love – having to put up with, endure, the unwanted love of another – Jed’s love for Joe; Enduring Love – love that lasts despite the hardships – the love of Joe and Clarissa that didn’t quite endure, the love of Mrs Logan for her husband that she’d doubted and the love of the don and his student; Enduring Love – the love of the de Clerambault’s sufferer which twists and turns to remain true despite reality and which is resistant to psychotherapy and drug therapy.

We voted the book a respectable 3.7 out of 5.

Sharon, Heather and Heidi remained to watch the film. It was frustrating to see how much of the story had been changed and we spent a lot of time exclaiming “why did they change that?” The perils of seeing the film of a book you may have enjoyed . . .


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