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Meeting Friday 5th September

Present : Margaret, Katie, (Andrew), Trish, Sharon, Babs and Heidi.
Thank you to those ladies that braved the weather to attend. Thanks to Katie and Andrew for having us at your place again. It was lovely.

Apologies : Gabrielle (Gabrielle, hope you had an enjoyable Wedding Anniversary. Hope you went better than some of the awful stories we traded!), Mary (Mary, hope Klaus had a lovely birthday and you were able to make amends), Catherine (hope your uniform was dry) and Heather (enjoying sunny London).

Business :
1. Gabrielle had made a request regarding new members. We’ve established that Jeanne and Kim won’t be coming back so there are at least those two spaces. Gabrielle has someone in mind, as do Sharon and Catherine so we decided we’d allow those three invitations to be made; not everyone makes it every meeting so we don’t feel we’ll be too many. It brings us to a membership of 13 – anyone superstitious about that number?

2. We also decided that we would go ahead and read Kim’s choice, Empire of the Sun, in November as posted.

Discussion : We didn’t have a book discussion as such because only one person had read the book. She wasn’t present. Only one present had a copy of the book and she was floundering about at page 36. The rest of us are still waiting for copies to come from far-flung parts of the world.

See the sidebar for details of the next meeting.


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