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Need an excuse to read?

Now I know that there is at least one member of our group who used to think time spent reading was time wasted and some family members may think the same, but if you get people complaining about you having your nose in a book, tell them you’re brushing up on your psychology.

Twice today I have come across an article cited in other blogs that give us good reason (should we need it) to forget about the washing up and go and find a nice cosy corner to read in.

Manly Library’s excellent blog, Novel Ideas, posts that the 28 June edition of New Scientist magazine (available at BMCC library) contains an article that explores the mental benefits of reading fiction. Researchers found that people who read more fiction may find it easier to discern the thoughts and feelings expressed by people’s eyes. And an article, Socially awkward? Hit the books, in the Globe and Mail (which I found on Stephen’s Lighthouse, a librarian focussed blog) discusses the New Scientist article stating that “bookworms have exceptionally strong people skills” and “readers of narrative fiction scored higher on tests of empathy and social acumen than those who read non-fiction texts.”


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