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Meeting 4th April

A really fun meeting with those ADVANCED book group girls!

It was agreed that Those Faraday Girls was light relief after Cloud Atlas but we questioned the reality of some of the secrets and the need for all those lies and deceptions. The score came out at 2.2.
Thanks to Catherine for discovering our own wine label – Catching Thieves – one to look out for in the bottle shop.
  • We had apologies from Kim and Babs. Babs submitted her comments and score which were relayed to the meeting and incorporated in the final score.
  • Book suggestions were needed from Mary, Gabrielle, Heidi, Catherine and ? Kim for 2008.
  • Mary and Heidi made their suggestions and I’ll add them to the reading list (right). The others need a little more time.
  • Thanks to Katie and her husband, Andrew, for getting copies of The Mitford Girls from Borders in Parramatta.

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