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Meeting 14th March

Another good meeting beautifully hosted by Katie who made us very welcome as well as leading the discussion deftly. Cloud Atlas was somewhat of a challenge and defeated a few members but those who were able to hang in there were quite well rewarded and the book scored a respectable 3 our of 5.


  • We had apologies from Kim and Trish.
  • We made a few discussions and here is what we decided (don’t hesitate to let me know if anyone present doesn’t agree with what I think we decided):
  • New Members – we decided we feel we have sufficient members for now to have that balance between enough people turning up and too many turning up so will close membership for now.
  • Changing meeting dates – concern was raised that the meeting date was changed this month and that it may have disadvantaged people who had already made arrangements based around meetings always being on the first Friday of the month. We agreed, however, that on occasion we may like to have the flexibilty to change the meeting date and that the voting system used this past month was a reasonable tool to use.
  • May’s book – it seems that getting copies of The Mitford Girls may not be easy, and the book is qite a long one so we decided that we’d rearrange the order of the next two books and read Monica McInerney’s Those Faraday Girls for the 4th April meeting and hold off The Mitford Girls until the 2nd May meeting.
  • Also, Katie volunteered Andrew to get copies of The Mitford Girls from Borders in Parramatta for us so put in your orders with her soon.
  • Book choices for after June – those of you who haven’t submitted a book choice for 2008 should get your thinking caps on, read all the reviews, rustle about in your bookshelves and come armed with your suggestion next meeting and we’ll see if we can fill up the rest of the year. This will (hopefully) enable us to avoid a repeat of this month; if we have plenty of notice about the reading list there should be no excuses about not being able to get copies of books.

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