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The reading cure

Here’s an interesting article from the Guardian about the therapeutic benefits of participation in reading groups – slightly different from our book group but I should think some of the benefits are the same.,,2235352,00.html#article_continue


4 thoughts on “The reading cure

  1. Have to confess I read bits and pieces of this rather long article.2008 the year of reading hmmmm maybe the Gazette should read this article and promote the library and groups like ours? We are all benefiting from the new friendships and sense of belonging to a community. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all the schools (Primary and secondary) got together and had rosters to provide readers to the different nursing homes in the Blue Mountains. Couldn’t something like that go towards Duke of Ed. OK I’ve put the idea forward maybe someone can find the next step, not all thieves work alone.

  2. I’ve often thought about going to nursing homes to do ‘bedtime stories’, or an adult story time at the Library. Oh for the time . . .

  3. Interesting article re: the therapeutic qualites of a reading (a bit like going to bed…with a good book. Catherine I have read that in either Norway or Sweden school children do go into hospitales and nursing homes to read. Apparantly it is part of ther compulsary schooling. Don’t quote me on this as although I read it in an “article” it was sometime ago and I cannot remember the specifics. I always thought it was a good idea though. Regards Sharon.

  4. Well, we could always start small – could the Book Thieves draw up a roster and pick a home/hostel to read at once a month? now that I’ve said it ‘out loud’ though am frantically trying to think how to fit yet another thing into the schedule!! Surely once in a blue moon is ‘do-able’ (sorry) though…?

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