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Goodreading magazine

For those of you who haven’t seen this magazine, see if you can find a copy. It’s full of reviews of recent releases, author interviews, book excerpts and other booky stuff.

Most of the reviews are presented with others of their genre or format (there is a page for audio books) and are by professional reviewers, then there is a page for readers to submit their reviews too.

Books are given a star rating out of 5 and books that are deemed suitable for book groups get a RG also.

Might be handy for those of you unsure about what to choose for us all to read and discuss.
The library subscribes to it and you might find it on the shelf at Springwood Branch Library

2 thoughts on “Goodreading magazine

  1. I stumbled across this mag accidentally in the library a while back – coincidentally just after my first book club meeting and also ran into Heather in library! It’s terrific – book club on a page, great reading over a cuppa!Katie

  2. Ok this is my second attempt at sending this comment. This magazine looks great.Perhaps a thief who needs to choose a book could find one that is a film as well. I believe the reviewing of Cold comfort farm in book and film was an interesting way of reviewing the one story.I have just finished Cloud Atlas by CD -interesting experience.Catherine

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