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Meeting 1st February

Present : Babs, Catherine, Heidi, Heather, Trish, Margaret, Gabrielle, Katie and Mary.
Apologies : Sharon.

Thank you to Babs for hosting last night’s meeting, I think everyone had a good time.Margaret started the discussion off with Skeleton Coast. And what a long and lively discussion! Not everyone had been able to finish the book, but most of those who had initially found it hard going found they were grabbed by the story by the latter half and enjoyed a rip-roaring, boys own tale. The score from the 6 who’d made it to the end was a respectable 2.8.We were pretty much unanimous in our enjoyment of The Book of Everything, this sweet tale of domestic violence and triumph of the human spirit and the score came in at 4 (8 read it).

Interestingly, the discussion for The Book of Everything was shorter. Take note those who worry that other Book Thieves won’t enjoy their choices; more diversity in opinion encourages more discussion.


2 thoughts on “Meeting 1st February

  1. Thanks Babs for an enjoyable evening.Thanks Heidi for all your co-ordination and guidance. Welcome to Heather and Katie. Heather may be new but she is quick to hit the second hand book stores, all she left me was ‘The Historian’. I still managed to leave with a lighter wallet and an armful of treasures! Catherine

  2. After a very slow start…3rd attempt I can happily say that I am progressing through Skeleton Coast…and quite happily so. It was great to hear all the feedback …if I had not I would never have continued!!!!Very big thank you to Heidi for all her work in organising not only the nights but also this blog too!!GabriellePs I found out Turning Page does their book ordering on a Monday…

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