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February 2018 Meeting

heartStumped : Ann, Trish, Sandra, Katie, Mary, Heidi, Gabrielle, Lynette, Sharon

Where? : Heather, Catherine


  1. Titles for 2018 were submitted with just Sandra, Heather , Ros and Catherine still to submit their choices for 2018.  See the 2018 Reading List for the what, where and when of the year until October.
  2. We chose the book for Faraday month which will be in April this year and we will be reading Goodbye to All That by Robert Graves.

Discussion : The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood we agreed, starts off with a grippingly dystopian tale of a couple living in their car who sign up for a better life where they will alternate a month of ‘normal living’ and a month in prison.  Some way into the book however, we become aware that there is something sinister going on and then farce descends with sex robots, fixations on blue teddies, Elvis impersonators and green men!  We felt it was really imaginative and covered some important topics but maybe too many and the result was incoherent and incohesive.

The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood scored 2.6/5

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December Meeting

Presenting their credentials : Heather, Katie, Heidi, Mary, Margaret (surprise!), Trish, Lynette, Sharon, Gabrielle

Not gracing us with their company : Ann, Catherine, Sandra, Ros

Business: Titles are needed please for next year.  Please either message Heidi/share via Facebook, or email your choice to Heidi –

All we have for 2018 so far is:

  • Friday 5 January 2018 – Pot Luck at the Movies
  • Friday 2 February 2018 – The Heart Goes Last (F) by Margaret Atwood | Ann

hqdefaultDiscussion : We all thoroughly enjoyed Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and the book scored highly.  We are mostly fans of the BBC series starring Colin Firth and found it was hard to read the book without them in our heads – envious of Trish who has neither read nor watched the story so can read and use her own imagination!

Score : We gave Pride and Prejudice a mighty score of 4.6

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October and November Meetings

Apologies for not posting for a while.

dark-emuDark Emu by Bruce Pascoe – October meeting at Sharon’s attended by Sharon, Ann, Lynette, Katie, Sandra and Heidi

This book was recommended to Sharon by Annie at the Turning Page.  It tells of an alternative Australian history based on primary sources – early settlers descriptions – showing that Australia was not Terra Nullius with backward peoples.

We all felt the book has an important message but was not particularly well written.  It is a message that should be taught in schools we thought.  For further reading try Black Seeds and/or Convincing Ground.

Dark Emu scored 3.75

janeharperthedryauscoverThe Dry by Jane Harper – November meeting at Gabrielle’s attended by Gabi, Sandra, Lynette, Sharon, Katie and Gabrielle.

This was chosen by Gabrielle because it took her out of her comfort zone and because it is Australian.

This book won the Crime Writers Association Gold Dagger Award and the Victorian Premier’s Award for an Unpublished Manuscript.

We found it an easy read and a page-turner but thought there were just a few too many red herrings and unrealistic in parts – when the teacher was threatening to set fire to the whole valley with a lighter towards the end for instance.

Katie recommends Peter Temple for better, more real stories.

The Dry scored 3